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Lennox-Addington Hall

The two linked buildings - Lennox and Addington - form one active residence community. There are three sections to the building: Lennox-A, a four-storey traditional-style residence area with single and double rooms; Lennox-C, a five-storey section with single rooms that houses our Study Intensive Area; and Addington, a ten-storey tower with single and double rooms available. Attached to Lennox-Addington is the LA Pit, a dining hall and convenience store. Lennox-Addington is also known for being the home of the LA Cafe, a coffeehouse connected to the LA Pit.

Welcome to Lennox Addington!

On behalf of the Residence Life Staff team in Lennox Addington I would like to personally welcome you to the University of Guelph and to Lennox Addington Hall!!

Lennox Addington, commonly referred to as L/A, is a wonderful place to live and we are all very excited to have you living with us this year. Living in L/A will give you the opportunity to meet new friends, experience many new amazing things and make memories that will last a lifetime. L/A is a building with a lot of pride and spirit and we are fortunate enough to have Torro the Bull as our mascot, leading the way in our building colours: Black, Red and Silver!

Student Housing Staff and the Residence Life Staff within our building are here to support you and assist you with any and all of your needs. L/A is equipped with a 24-hour desk with full-time staff and you will have a Resident Assistant (an upper year student) living on your floor as a point of contact and mentor throughout the year. In addition, Lennox Addington has its own Café and Grill area right in the building!

As the Residence Life Manager, I am responsible for the supervision of the Residence Life Staff (your RAs) and for the coordination of programs and services in this Hall. I am a full-time professional staff member who is dedicated to enhancing the quality of the student experience at the University of Guelph and I am more than willing to assist you with any concerns that may arise during your stay with us.

I encourage you to drop by my office, which is located on First Floor Commons (across from your mailboxes), or contact me with any concerns or questions that you have. I can be reached by phone at extension 54892, or by email at .

I look forward to meeting you soon and helping welcome you to your new home in Lennox Addington Hall!



Meaghan Morris
Residence Manager, Lennox Addington Hall